A reasonable explanation for the existence of the corporate website: the omnipresent omnichannel promotion

Date: 2018-12-31 05:32:53

The significance of the existence of corporate websites, in different times, gave different answers, different websites, different functions, and corporate websites have only one goal, that is to embrace the Internet and bring new customers and new orders to the enterprise through the network channels, Only by achieving this purpose can the corporate website exist reasonably. Of course, to achieve this purpose, the corporate website must exert the effect of omnichannel promotion.

Since it is selling products, some people say that there is actually no need to go online and simply put the company's products on the e-commerce platform. There is some bias in this statement. First, not all enterprise products are suitable for electricity. E-commerce platform sales; Secondly, the e-commerce platform is fiercely competitive. In the preconceived Internet thinking, whoever owns the customer first has the initiative, and there are only a few famous e-commerce platforms. Obtaining transaction volume on the e-commerce platform will undoubtedly increase marketing costs. Finally, e-commerce platforms are not the only ones for companies to promote the Internet. For example, micro-commerce, applets, mall websites, social platforms, and O2O can display products and become sales terminals. .

As the mobile Internet is getting closer and closer to people's lives, the stage of the Internet is becoming wider and wider, and users are everywhere. If you use the concept of long tail theory to discuss, official websites, news, forums, WeChat, QQ, word of mouth, offline Marketing companies have a variety of online promotion channels. Either way, it may bring a certain amount of sales to the company, and the basic corporate website occupies a pivotal position.

In the process of construction of many corporate websites, there are such problems and it is difficult to achieve the purpose of marketing. These problems are summarized, mainly including these aspects: the website framework is unreasonable, and the company's products and corporate advantages are not prominent enough. The cause of this has a lot to do with the earliest website construction concepts. The core function of the original corporate website was the business card. , Usually a few pictures, a short text introduction, plus contact information is sufficient. Such a website obviously has a monotonous interface and simple functions, which is not conducive to the development needs of corporate websites. Once many websites go online, there are few website reasons to do so. Greater improvements.

Another point is the problem of the company itself. The company considers the cost. The early online sites generally do not bring much practical benefits to the company. Instead, they pay a high payment fee every year. Uyghur staff and the overall operation of the website are relatively laypersonal.

If the corporate website has always maintained the thinking and practice of the era of the PC side, it seems particularly passive in the mobile Internet tide today, and some companies even choose to abandon the bad practice of the website. Obviously this is inappropriate, and the website is like an enterprise. The foundation of Internet marketing, while other platforms are nothing more than a "shelter" for companies. They may rush ahead in the early stages to obtain a certain effect. However, with the addition of competitors in the later stages, competition costs and operating costs will suddenly increase. Will become increasingly passive.

Corporate websites usually play such a role. Through the website, companies can quietly watch the changes of other competitors. Through the website, they can try to use some marketing methods and the resources accumulated through the website. They can easily "move" to other platforms. You don't need to start from the beginning. The marketing of various Internet channels is actually very similar. After playing with a model, when a new gameplay appears, it can be achieved by copying.

It is very necessary and difficult for companies to do online promotion. Based on the website and then using omni-channel ubiquitous network promotion, it is an important way to maintain low costs and an effective way to obtain users. Of course, companies Website operation is a slow process of "moisturizing and quiet". You cannot see the effect immediately. You need to persist and need strong execution to gradually feel the power of the website!