How to optimize pictures in website design and production

Date: 2018-12-31 22:48:43

When designing a website, it is impossible to use words to express it, and use pictures to decorate it properly. This can better convey the website information to users and leave them a deep impression. This is a good way to get users to like this site. So, how to optimize the website images in website production and design?

First, the quality of the picture

The quality of images in website optimization is our first concern because it plays a vital role in website optimization. In other words, exquisite, high-definition pictures are more popular, and only those pictures that fit the theme of the website can make users more impressed. Therefore, when we are designing a website, whether the pixels of the picture are high-definition, whether the theme is appropriate, whether the quality is clear, etc., are the first considerations for website designers. The pictures in the website must be related to the text information and the theme, so that the theme of the website can be transmitted to users through the picture information.

Second, the layout of the picture

In website optimization, it is impossible to say that inserting pictures directly is done. Pictures still need to be processed in a certain way. In other words, the issue of image layout is also very important for website optimization. As long as we make excellent typographical designs for pictures, the entire website design will also improve by one level.

Third, the problem of cutting pictures

No matter what changes are made in website optimization, the design elements that run through the entire website design are immutable. But then again, the effect of the picture still needs to be optimized. When cutting the entire background photo of the website, pay attention to its size, not to be too large. Because people use a variety of search engines, this point should also be taken into consideration when optimizing the website. It cannot be ignored, so that the compatibility of the website can be guaranteed. If the pictures in the website are too large, the website is opened. The speed will be particularly slow, so we try to avoid this situation.

The above points are some issues that need to be paid attention to when optimizing pictures in website production. Optimizing pictures is a more important step in website optimization. As long as the above points are achieved during website optimization, I believe that a good website design can be made.