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是指使用标识语言(markup language),通过一系列设计、建模、和执行的过程将电子格式的信息通过互联网传输,最终以图形用户界面(GUI)的形式被用户所浏览。 Website construction refers to the use of markup language to transmit information in electronic format through the Internet through a series of design, modeling, and execution processes, and finally to be viewed by users in the form of a graphical user interface (GUI). Simply put, the purpose of web design is to generate a website.


Corporate Website Construction

1. The page design is simple and stylish, with detailed content to introduce and highlight your personal or company image and situation;

Company profile, news announcements, product demonstrations, successful cases, recruitment, contact us, online customer service, etc. 5-7 columns, with an independent background management system, can update the text content of products, news, company profile, etc. in the background.

2. It is suitable for individuals or small and medium-sized enterprises to build a more comprehensive publicity website; low investment, practical, simple and stylish website design style, meets the image requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises, suitable for industries with small amount of information and not high website design .

Brand Website Construction

1. The brand website design style is atmospheric and beautiful, which fully reflects the overall image of the modern enterprise. Through the website display and the establishment of the corporate brand image, the website art production is also high. The design emphasizes the website style and creativity. In the form of expression, the use of multimedia, dynamic webpage interaction technology, and product display experience to achieve the purpose of brand marketing communications.

2. It is suitable for individuals or enterprises with high-end web design requirements. It is suitable for companies or brands with special needs such as brand planning, promotion, and display, as well as for high-end consumer groups, such as clothing, hotels, wedding photography industries, design and decoration, high-end digital products and other enterprises.

Mall Website Construction

1. Our online mall thinks that the visitor (potential customer) and the website owner set up a network platform. The visitor or potential customer can carry out information browsing, commodity trading, interactive communication and other functions on this platform. Compared with ordinary websites The business of the online mall is more dependent on the Internet. Internet-based commodity transactions, consumers basically come from the Internet. The humanized setting of the mall platform will greatly enhance customer loyalty, resulting in two or even multiple transactions.

2. The mall website is suitable for businesses or individuals who want to build a B2C online mall, B2B industry platform, and C2C sales platform through the Internet; the website has high interactive requirements and overall content planning and aesthetics; the website is powerful and safe High R & D system; help individuals or businesses to build secure and reliable e-commerce platforms on the Internet.

High-end Website Construction

1. High-end customization generally refers to functional customization and interface customization. There is no object for reference at all. All requirements are websites provided by users themselves.

2. High-end customization, 1V1 conducts demand analysis for your website, and makes a targeted offer according to the website construction plan determined by both parties.

(web promotion)就是以企业产品或服务为核心内容,建立网站,再把这个网站通过各种免费或收费渠道展示给网民的一种推广方式,网络推广可以做到小投入大回报的效果。 Web promotion is a promotion method that uses a company's product or service as its core content to build a website and then displays this website to netizens through various free or paid channels. Web promotion can achieve the effect of small investment and large returns .

Common promotion methods are overall promotion, Baidu promotion (CPC, CPS, CPV, CPA), etc. Free website promotion is forum, SNS, exchange link, B2B platform building, blog, Weibo, WeChat and other new media channels; narrowly It is said that the carrier of web promotion is the Internet, and promotion without the Internet is not considered to be web promotion; it can be divided into two types: do a good job of your own user experience, and use Internet platform tools for word of mouth promotion.


Whole station SEO optimization

Through the white hat SEO method, improve the keyword ranking of the entire site and obtain high-quality and accurate traffic.

Network-wide integrated marketing

The Fat Cat pushes and gathers the fat cat SEO team's many years of experience, perfectly integrates the three high-weight platforms of Sina Aiwen, Douding Library and Interactive Encyclopedia, and combines the Fat Cat team to build 200+ high-quality station resources to achieve what they have seen What you see and what you get is a second generation, a second generation, a second ranking, and a second ranking response.

Bid Promotion Hosting

Through a full-year contract, we will fully maintain platform promotion accounts such as Baidu, 360, Sogou, Shenma, Today's Headline, etc., to maximize your cost savings and improve results.