Wuhan Xinyouxin Technology Co., Ltd.

Date: 7930-01-05 15:31:36

Wuhan Xinyouxin Technology Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise dedicated to communication and information services. The company has a registered capital of 5.8 million yuan and is located in Hongshan District, Wuhan.

Xinyouxin Company specializes in enterprise converged communication services. Its main products include dedicated line products, park WIFI, and Filament Smart Network. We have rich experience in WIFI project implementation, efficient construction processes and high-quality construction standards. We also have high-quality operator resources. We are a cooperative agent of China Mobile Communications Group Hubei Co., Ltd., and also many universities and enterprise parks. The apartment offers a communication solution. Professional construction to become an enterprise wireless WIFI operator, let the enterprise's network be wise, help the enterprise to build an open "network +" based on the "smart wire wisdom platform", and realize the enterprise "Internet +".

藕 Wireless intelligent network and intelligent office, realize the non-perceived attendance and wireless office functions of personnel, provide a comfortable and efficient working environment for the office; effectively manage various types of assets of the enterprise, improve the availability of assets, and reduce the operation and maintenance costs of the enterprise; meanwhile, It can also realize energy consumption monitoring, safety supervision, and provide risk early warning. Efforts to create a stable and innovative value platform for cooperation and win-win results, and are committed to providing tailor-made "smart network" services for enterprises, schools, shopping malls and other industries.


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