Baiji planting-Hubei Ruifeng Jiahe Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Date: 7868-01-05 15:31:36

Hubei Ruifeng Jiahe Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is located in Jingang New Town, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, adjacent to the Fisheries Research Institute of Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It is a collection of aquaculture, special animal breeding, planting and sales of valuable Chinese medicinal materials, and agricultural high-tech experiments, Demonstration of ecological agriculture development enterprises. The company has abundant talents, strong technical force, complete supporting facilities and unique ecological environment.

Baiji has great commercial value in biomedicine, health food, textile printing and dyeing, special coatings and daily chemicals. With the development and utilization of Baiji food and the demands of the printing and dyeing industry and the beauty industry, the amount of Baiji is increasing, and it is now included in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Animals and Plants for protection. Its price is still on the rise, and it shows a best-selling trend of insufficient supply.


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