Rabbit breeding-Hubei Ruifeng Jiahe Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Date: 7804-01-05 15:31:36

Hubei Ruifeng Jiahe Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is located in Jingang New Town, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, adjacent to the Fisheries Research Institute of Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It is a collection of aquaculture, special animal breeding, planting and sales of valuable Chinese medicinal materials, and agricultural high-tech experiments, Demonstration of ecological agriculture development enterprises. The company has abundant talents, strong technical force, complete supporting facilities and unique ecological environment.

The new breed of "Ruifeng Jiahe" hybrid hare includes the flesh, hair color, and body size of the hare, as well as the breeding volume and growth rate of the Belgian rabbit. Now that people's living standards have improved, they all like to eat game products, eat agricultural products raised in the original ecology of the countryside, and artificially cultivate the hare in the countryside, which can make full use of the existing resources in the countryside (mountain forests, orchards, hillsides, wasteland, crop oranges, weeds, weeds) The breeding cost is low, the sales are more popular than ordinary meat rabbits, and the sales price is also higher.


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